Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home ownership: a lesson learned

Our DIY bathroom remodel hit a snag.

Here are the before pictures.

Notice the weird floor that is half tile and half wood.  Our plan was to take down the wallpaper, take up the floors, put in ceramic tile floors and repaint a nicer color.  Easy right? Well we did take down the wallpaper and take up the floors before we hit a snag.  It seems like there was some water leaking through the back wall (we think through the window).  The lathe and part of the floor is pretty much rotten and we need to completely replace it.

We need to have a mason come in and make sure the brick is okay as well as figuring out the source of the water and fix it.  What was going to be an easy project turned into a major undertaking.

Meanwhile we have a bathtub in our living room and it looks like it will be staying for awhile.

We (and our friends) are making due.

I guess the lesson is to never expect something to be easy and fast (or inexpensive). 

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