Monday, May 6, 2013

House Layout

Last weekend we went down to Philadelphia to pick up the last of the furniture that I stored at my sister's house when I moved to Alaska five years ago.  We got most of the stuff when I moved back East in 2010 but left my giant couch and a few other odds and ends.  My sister also generously gave me an antique couch our family friend Louise had given her, since it fits into our house so well.

Unfortunately, the L of the sectional was the wrong side to fit within the current configuration of our living room.  I didn't take a picture but here is how we've arranged it as a stop gap:

Yes, the tub is still in the living room.  Want to know where the rest of the bathroom fixtures are?  The sunroom:

A neighbor came over to introduce himself this weekend, one who actually used to own this house.  He made a comment along the lines of "I would love to see what you are doing to the house, I can see you are doing a lot of work."  I was curious as to what he meant since we haven't been doing a lot (yet) and the only thing I can think of is that he noticed the toilet through the window.  Great.

Anyway, back to the couch story.  The fact that the couch didn't quite fit in the living room got Kevin thinking outside the box.  He said, what if we used the now dining room as a living room and switched them?  Our plan for the dining room was to put a pool table in there instead of a dining table.  I took it another step and said, why don't we turn the library into the living room, keep the dining room as a dining room (we are using it more than we expected to) and use our now living room as the billiard room?  We don't need two living rooms.  We both love that room and we really aren't in there much. If we put the comfortable couch in there and the tv, we'd use it a lot more.

So that is our plan.  Right now the dining room has the couch and loveseat we were using (anyone want them? tell me now b/c they are going to habit for humanity restore this week).  The library also has Louise's antique couch - isn't it pretty?  It is heavy and I'm too nervous to attempt to take it up the stairs, so I'm waiting for one of our friends to come over to help.  Who is it going to be?

Kinsey and Pippa don't mind it is a mess right now, in fact, it makes for more interesting play.

I'll update you with some pictures of the after (hopefully shortly!).

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