Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer House To Do List

Here is what we hope to accomplish on the house this summer:

1. Paint the billard room and the dining room.  We've picked out the colors.

I like the wallpaper in the billiard room but it is a really dark room.  My mom or sister (not sure who to credit) suggested we pick up one of the lighter colors in the paper for the rest of the walls.  We decided to go with tan.  So the bottom half of the walls will be tan.

 And this whole wall will be tan. 

 I think it will make such a difference.

We also want to paint the dining room.  This is my inspiration:

The lightest two colors on this paint strip might work.

2. Finish the downstairs bathroom.

3. Make the courtyard a nice space for entertaining.

4. Buy a pool table and set up the downstairs.

That seems like a manageable list for the summer.  We can plan more for the fall.

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