Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Hello There

It has been awhile. Sorry about being MIA, things have been a bit crazy over here and I've had some writer's block (blogger's block) and haven't been inspired to write about anything here. 

Here is what I haven't been doing:
Blogging (obviously).
Making Yogurt. Stopped that quite awhile ago.  Our yogurt container stash is getting out of control. I try to reuse them but I think some of these are destined for the recycle bin.

Cleaning. I called uncle and hired someone. Best.Decision.Ever.
Trying new vegetarian recipes.  I miss it, I'll come back to it soon

What I have been doing:
Working. At my real job, at the clinic, on the apartments.  This past weekend we stripped and repolished the clinic floors.  Kevin thought it would be a one person one day job so I wasn't planning on helping him.  He was wrong, it was a two person, two day job so I got drafted to help.  The result was pretty amazing though.

Exercising. This is new - I dropped it for awhile but started again. Kinsey and I are both better for it.
Watching TV. I am pretty beat by the time 7pm rolls around so spend the next three hours imitating a well-fed zombie.
Daydreaming. Mostly of a beach vacation with Kevin. 

I have been having some fun despite being so busy.  Two weekends ago I went to visit my sister and her family (always a blast).  This past weekend a friend threw a clue-murder mystery  at our house.  She had been wanting to do it since we moved in (literally, she asked if we could have one while she was helping us move).  I told her if she planned it we would be there.  It was a bit odd (and fun) to get an invitation in the mail to our own house.  She took a lot of photos and I hope she'll let me share some on here, that will be a fun blog post.  I do have a selfie of me getting ready though. I was the maid (Kevin was the butler).

I decided I couldn't pull off a french accent or the sexy maid stereotype (at least I didn't want to) so I teased my hair way out, put on bad makeup and decided to be totally awful.  I put peoples food in the coat closet/coats in the kitchen; messed up everyone's drinks; took a lot of breaks; and generally was a pain in the butt.  I think people thought I was pretty funny.

I also have an update to our eat the freezer challenge.  Here was the before:

And after 5 weeks of intentionally eating out of our freezer:

I will call that a success.  I feel free to sign up for the CSA again this year.

I can't promise to post regularly, it took me two weeks to get this one up.  If you are sick of coming over here to see what we are up to and seeing the same recipe you can put your email into the box on the right.  You'll get notified by email when a new post goes up.  Thanks for reading, I'm hoping things even out over the summer.