Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Annual Eat Down the Freezer Month: Week 1

I've decided to start a new tradition in our house: March is eat down the freezer month.  We need to make room for the new growing season (even though it feels far away, it will be here soon).

The rules are simple:
1. As many of our meals as possible will come from foods already in our freezer.
2. No adding to the freezer unless the entire category is gone (for example, if we run out of vegetables we can buy more but not otherwise).

Our starting point:
How week 1 went:

Berries and cherries that were soon to be toppings for pancakes.

Veggie burgers with chutney and green beans from the freezer. I really liked the chutney, I will be making that again next fall.

I promise the green plant in the baggie is basil, not pot - that is not legal in NY (yet).
Tobie Ziegler approves
Pesto raviolis with bacon, scapes, basil and pureed tomatoes.

Berries topped yogurt a lot this week.

Stay tuned from more exciting updates from our freezer :)


  1. Wow that is impressive! And I love those Masala Burgers :) I hate throwing food away - it's so good that you are doing that. Our freezer is a lot smaller than yours....I think we'd last like three days.

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting - I thought I scared you away with my vegan post :)

      Our freezer is a good size, it is so nice to have a lot of room! We had a tiny apartment freezer before and the difference is amazing.

      I love those masala burgers too, trader joes just came here and I am really liking it.