Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Country Animal Doctor

It has been a bit over a month since we closed on the veterinary clinic.  I now can spell veterinarian without hesitation, rather than checking for the red spellcheck line to appear (ironically, it did just appear under "spellcheck").  Before that my process was more like: "He's a veterar... er vetinar..., er animal doctor!" ;)

I did spend the first week filling out forms and wishing that it was called the Country Animal Doctor, but I imagine that would not be so great for SEO.  People search for veterinarians, not animal doctors and google guesses what you want even if you spell it wrong.

Some photos:

The building wasn't burned - I blurred out the dr name and the phone number, keeping us anonymous (in theory)
A really cute dog waiting for his bad day to start (he got neutered).  Actually, by the end of the day he was rubbing up against the cage trying to get me to pet him, so he didn't seem like he was that traumatized.

Another cute dog to come by that day.  I heard there was also a Great Dane, but I missed him because I was in the back filling out paperwork.

Sebastian, the office chinchilla.  Roxy was very intrigued the first time she spotted him.  I was a bit worried she was about to be bit on the nose, but they both emerged unscathed.  From instagram:

Roxy and Kinsey come with us on Fridays (hang out in the office with me) and have made themselves at home.  Roxy regrets being excited to come - so bored:

"Let's get out of here already, at least there are couches at home!"

In terms of buying the clinic - so far so good! I've become accustomed to working 50+ hour weeks (Kevin has been doing that all along) and while I am really tired Friday nights, I feel okay the rest of the time.  My coffee consumption has doubled though - I was drinking 1 1/2 cups a day (both in the morning) and now I'm up to 3 (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon).

Kevin has wanted to own a clinic for a long time now.  We searched (and made offers) all over the country and ended up finding one two towns away.  I hope owning/managing a business lives up to his expectations, since he's stuck with it now.

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  1. Wow that is so exciting!! Congrats! and i can never spell that word either...