Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sh! Happens

Maybe it just seems this way, but sh!t always goes down when I have very little capacity to deal with it. We came home to this on February 10:

It had been perfectly straight when we left for work that morning.  Both puzzled it wasn't until Kevin went to check his email that the mystery was solved: our tenant happened to be home and sent an email saying she heard a loud crash and looked out to see a garbage truck (a local private company, not the city) back into our fence.  We are just happy that she was home and thought to tell us because there was no note, no message from the garbage company (not cool).

The timing couldn't have been worse since it was the first week of owning the clinic and Kevin's dad was in the hospital. He is okay, thank goodness, but for that week we were not sure and were really stressed about it.  Dealing with this as well just seemed like the last thing we needed. It several phone calls (like a dozen), going up the chain, having a police officer agree to file an accident report if they didn't respond to me (leaving the scene of an accident is a crime), getting progressively more lawerly, and giving a deadline ("if I don't hear back from you by EOB xx date, I'll be pursuing my legal options) but the garbage company did end up admitting fault and fixed the fence.

We came home one day to the fence being completely gone.  And then a few days later:

Fixed! Well almost.  We didn't know before this happened but the last fence post is wired for electricity.  There must have been a lamp there at some point.  The wires are still hot, which Kevin discovered when he went to put the cap back on and got a little shock.  I called again, telling them they need to send out an electrician to tape off the wires and put the cap back on but I haven't heard back from them yet.  Only 11 more calls until we get a response I suppose.



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