Thursday, February 27, 2014

What I'm Reading: Following Atticus

You were expecting a ThrowbackThursday for Pippa, weren't you?  I'm not surprised, since I did a #TBTRoxy and a #TBTKinsey.  Nope, I have another Kinsey-centric post instead.  Poor Pippa, she remains a third class citizen in our house. Here is one #TBTPippa:

This was the morning after Kevin brought Pippa home (best surprise ever!).  Kinsey was not sure what to make of her.  But anyway... on to the real post.  I'm reading a book about a small dog who hikes all the 4000ft high peaks in New Hampshire: Following Atticus.

I first heard about Following Atticus from 3upAdventures, a hiking/mobile living blog I've been reading recently. I am 40% jealous of their lifestyle (mainly the amount of hiking they get to do) and 60% glad I have a house with a stove (they have neither).   I was intrigued about her description of the book because I used to think that Kinsey was the most rugged small dog there was.  Kinsey is pretty rugged - he will hike up mountains and run long distances with us.  At 13 pounds, it is pretty impressive.  Here are a couple photos of peaks he's scaled:

Mt. Piscah, VT
Mt. Roberts, AK
A trail I can't remember, Douglas AK
But I think Atticus has him beat.

The Adventures of Tom & Atticus
I haven't quite finished the book but it is providing the perfect entertainment for these busy times. It is light and moves fast (which is good since I've been reading it in 5 minute intervals).  A (sad) overworked man rescues a dog named Max who changes his life.  Max is older and is not around long before he passes away.  The man is forever changed by this dog and so gets a puppy and names him Atticus.  Atticus and the man (Tom) discover hiking and hike all the high peaks in NH.  Then they do it again, in the winter.  Then they do it again, two times over in the winter as a fund raiser for cancer.  I'm still reading about the attempt, I do not know yet if he succeeds.  Regardless, hiking up Mt. Washington twice in the winter is a pretty big goal!

Most of all it is a classic "man meets dog" love story.   The story is about Tom's love for Atticus and Atticus' love for Tom.  (I am pretty sure that anyone who says animals can't feel love for humans hasn't had dogs).  I love stories like this.  Even if the dog dethrones Kinsey as the most rugged small dog that lives.



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