Thursday, February 20, 2014

#TBT - The Kinsey Edition

Things have continued to be pretty crazy around here.  Between my regular job, the clinic, and the apartments I don't have much spare time.  We've also been dealing with a family member's health issues (scary for a little while but things are looking up!) so I've been feeling very unmotivated to think of topics and post.  I hope you'll take another #TBT as my one post for the week.  Prepare yourself for a lot of puppy pictures because Kinsey was one cute puppy!

The story of how we got him is that he was part of an accidental litter of one of Kevin's clients' pets. She had gone through one litter of Brussel Griffons and decided breeding wasn't for her.  She hadn't gotten around to getting either the mom or the dad fixed yet and oops! she had another litter to deal with.  I was in the market for a dog (my cat Lulu had passed away about six months before) and so Kevin let me know that I could have one of these dogs.  The Humane Society in Juneau was like what every Humane Society should be - there was a waiting list for dogs! They also preferred people who didn't work full time (even if they were really active and had a veterinarian boyfriend like me) so even though I initially wanted a bigger dog, I decided to go for Kinsey.

The morning after we picked him up.  He had a rough first night but then in the morning had full blown Stockholm Syndrome and was attached to me at the ankle.  Because of what happened with Jasmine, Kevin was pretty careful to not show him too much attention the first few weeks.  Roxy was fine with him from the start.  In hindsight, I think the fact that he was a puppy, male, and never got bigger than her was a real plus.  She likes to be the queen bee and Kinsey has always respected that.  He's happy with his place at the bottom of the pack as long as he gets lots of attention.

The result of Kevin taking a back seat was that Kinsey has been my dog right from the start.  A breed trait of Brussel Griffons, they tend to bond to one person.  I used to say Kinsey likes Kevin more than random people on the street but in recent years he has gotten more attached to Kevin.  He will still pick me over him every time though.  It is okay, he is both Roxy and Pippa's favorite.  Unless I have food, and then game over for Kevin.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I love how casually Kevin is holding Kins.

Funny story - we lived in Juneau, Alaska while Palin was governor and during the McCain/Palin presidential bid.  The governor's mansion was on my route to work so I walked past it every day (no, you can't see Russia from there).  For awhile we were on the same schedule and I would see her every morning and she would never wave or make eye contact with me.  This really bothered me, since I was obviously a constituent and saw her every day, she should acknowledge me occasionally.  Then, not long after I got Kinsey, I was out walking him and she drove by, smiling and waving.  Guys, I was starstruck.  I forgot I hated her for a whole week and just kept telling everyone "Sarah Palin waved at me!" Puppies are a game changer!

The beard growing in!

I'm so mean to him!

He's a happy little dog.  I've been feeling badly lately that we haven't been out running or for very many long walks.  Between being so busy and the bitter cold winter we've had Kinsey has been cooped up inside a lot.  I'm hoping the weather breaks soon and I can squeeze some runs in with him.  We'll both be better for it.

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