Thursday, February 13, 2014

#TBT - The Roxy Edition

#TBT is "Throwback Thursday" where you post old photos (aka blog filler).  Today's is going to be focused on Roxy, in somewhat chronological order.  Some of the early photos may be out of order - I wasn't part of the family yet and I stole them from Kevin's Facebook page.

Roxy with her first canine buddy, 2002?
Not a gray hair to be found

Kevin looks mighty young here too!
Back when her favorite toy wasn't a frisbee

Circa 2006

Ask Kevin the story about the dog on his left.  Well since this is my blog, I'll tell you about her.  She was Kevin's dog too, her name is Jasmine, and Kevin lost her in a poker game to his buddy Bob.

Just kidding! Kevin was studying long hours in vet school and brought Jasmine home to keep Roxy company.  The plan backfired though since they didn't interact much with each other and ended up competing for Kevin's already limited attention.  Roxy does look annoyed and is kind of giving her the side eye in that photo.  Kevin had a poker game and his buddy Bob was over and Jasmine wouldn't leave Bob alone.  Bob commented on how great Jasmine is and Kevin said "take her."  He did and now she lives a happy life with Bob's family in Michigan.

Actually, this was the photo that made me want to get to know Kevin.  Remember how I said we evaluated each other as roommates before meeting each other in person?  I was checking out his Facebook page and remember thinking after seeing this photo that he was someone good. 

On their way out to meet me! 2008

Back when Roxy could snowshoe - up a mountain to boot.  Actually I distinctly remember calling Kevin after this hike (he wasn't with us) and saying "I think I broke your dog."  Even then she had some pain issues.

Even Roxy thinks my dad is spouting nonsense, 2009

But she'll still follow him

Looking grayer but still wanting that stick! 2010

Old and wise, 2011

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