Monday, February 10, 2014

Big News

We bought a veterinary clinic last week.  We are now officially small business owners (politicians, court us, we're job creators!).  I'll write about it more (and post photos) in a bit but it hasn't quite sunk in yet.  Honestly, right now I'm just trying not to think about all the money we owe to the bank to avoid hyperventilating.  Kevin has been crazy busy getting everything together for the closing/all the accounts set up after the closing so not much else has been happening around here.  We've either been working or sitting on the couch in a zombie-like state watching West Wing reruns.  We did carve out some time to go snowshoeing yesterday.  We've been getting some great snow so I was happy to play in it.

Notice the snow, I'm fancy now!
Okay, I admit it, Google added the snowflakes without me doing anything.
Kinsey was upset Kevin continued to walk away and would not look at me long enough to take a picture
Caught up!
 Some photos of snowshoeing LAST year, which are relevant because it may have been Roxy's last snowshoe trip. [Insert sad face].  She is just not up to longer walks this year so we left her home.

She wasn't happy about it but we bribed her with a raw hide so she didn't hold a grudge.

Also, by the way, I was definitely not surprised to see Brussels Griffon as number three on this list of 10 Most High Maintenance Dog Breeds. It explains why one of Kinsey's nicknames is "Jackass."