Monday, February 3, 2014

Owning a House: A Year In

Thursday was our one year anniversary of "owning" our house (well the bank owns most of it).  I thought I'd look back and show some before and after shots.  You'll notice I'm only showing you the downstairs, we've been focusing our efforts on that.  Upstairs is to come!

Entryway - Before:


I got the big mirror over the mantel for $10 when my hairdresser was closing up shop, the side board for a lot more but we haven't regretted the splurge, the picture frame was a gift from my MIL (It is from Pottery Barn - she knew I wanted it but it was out of stock when she went to get it and I'm pretty sure she got the last one from a store in Texas).  The big vases are a new addition from an antique store, we plan to put some lighted branches in them. 

The Living Room - Before:


We picked up the couch from my sister in April.  I bought it while I was living in D.C. and then stored it at my sister's when I moved to Alaska.  The rug was Kevin's grandmother's that his parents generously let us have.  The coffee and side tables are recent additions from a local antique store.  Still on my list is to get a new entertainment center, we got that one for free a few years ago and I think it is pretty ugly - but it serving its purpose for now.

The Dining Room - Before:

That green and gold was really awful and it was a high priority for me to get it painted.  Once it was painted the whole downstairs just felt so much lighter.  I was surprised at how much of a difference painting one room could make.  After:

The Game Room - Before:


Notice the dart board is up!

The Downstairs Bathroom- Before:


We used Renaissance Men LLC when we realized we were in over our heads.  We would highly recommend them!

The kitchen has stayed the same but here are some recent photos:

Not too bad for the first year.  On our to-do list for the downstairs is:
  • Put in a gas fireplace in the living room fireplace
  • Turn the window in the "sun" room back into a door (not pictured because it is basically the kitty litter room right now)
  • Hang pictures and art
  • [long term] Paint the entry way (that will be a big project due to the stair case, might not happen for awhile)
  • [long term] Put a wood burning fireplace in the entryway

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