Thursday, May 16, 2013

Homemade Pantry: Granola

This post is a bit of a misnomer.  Granola was on my list of things to start making at home and then I read the ingredient list of the Wegman's brand granola we get:

It is really pretty good.  I don't think I'd add soy lecithin if I were making it at home but otherwise I'm happy with what is in there.  So I will cross this off the list of things to make from scratch.

But as an update, I have continued to make yogurt at home.  So much that a couple of weeks ago when I knew I wouldn't get a chance, I picked some up at the grocery store and Kevin raised his eyebrows at me.

My favorite way to eat it is with some defrosted frozen berries, a bit of maple syrup, and granola.  It makes a good breakfast or snack.

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