Saturday, May 18, 2013

House Tour Part 1: Take Two

I know I haven't showed you guys the upstairs yet but  I wanted to show you how we've rearranged the downstairs.  As we get closer to "done" (if that is an achievable state) we'll start to focus on the upstairs.  

You can see what we did initially in house tour part 1.  After getting the rest of our furniture we had stored all over the east coast, we rearranged the downstairs rooms.

The new living room (former library):

The official dining room:

The entry way:

The future billiard room:

The kitchen has stayed the same:

We've also added some outdoor living space:

Roxy wanted to play while I was cleaning/making yogurt (pictured in one of the kitchen shots)/taking pictures for this post.

"Chase me!"

I chased her and then convinced her to hang out on the porch with me.

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