Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cheap vs. Thrifty: doing your own (dog's) hair

We don't have a professional groom Kinsey, we do it ourselves.  We save quite a bit and see it as money well saved.

Here he is in need of a hair cut:

Sometimes I take off a lot, and other times I just trim around his eyes and beard.  Here he is after a home trim.

Still pretty scruffy but not as bad. 

Here he is after a major chop:

I will admit someone at the dog park laughed at him once and I also had a conversation that went like this:

Lady on the street with two perfectly groomed poodles:  "What kind of dog is he?"
Me: "A Brussels Griffon"
LOTSWTPGP: "Oh... I've never seen one... look quite that way before..."
Me: (shuffles uncomfortably).

But seriously, Kinsey doesn't care what he looks like.  If he doesn't care and I don't care, I would much rather spend that money on something else.  So home haircuts and looking scruffy it is for Kinsey.

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