Monday, April 29, 2013

Homemade Pantry: Pancakes

I was wrong Thursday when I said chicken stock was my first foray into making things from scratch.  I have always made pancakes from scratch.  I don't think that people who buy pancake mix realize there are only seven ingredients in pancake mix, and if you have even a minimally stocked pantry/fridge, you likely already have the ingredients.

Seriously: it is flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, milk, eggs and butter.  I like to add cinnamon and vanilla as well as fruit, but those are optional.

I use the this old Joy of Cooking cookbook for the recipe.  This was my mom's, she used it the whole time I was growing up.  You can see the pancake page is well used.

(some sort of math I or my sister did as kids in the margin).

Making pancakes is something I associate with my dad.  We used to make them together on Sunday mornings.  I remember measuring everything out and how we would double everything but the sugar.  I would argue that the sugar should be doubled too, to stay authentic, but he didn't buy it.  I now put in half the sugar called for as well.  It is a good memory.  Going to the gym every Saturday morning for several hours to lift weights and play basketball from age 8-16 (I rebelled at 16) is less of a good memory.  That was a chore.  He was disappointed I wasn't going to be a basketball star, I was happy to have my weekend mornings back.  My sister was a basketball star and ended up being a basketball coach, so at least one of us made him happy.

We made pancakes when he visited for Easter.

Kinsey got a scratch after breakfast.  He was happy.

(that's his happy face).

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