Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY: Stenciled Nightstand

My first attempt at a DIY project was a stenciled nightstand. I followed these instructions from this blog I like.  Anything that has "good enough" in the title is something I feel confident in tackling. I got the nightstand from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (one of my new favorite places) for $25.

I kind of liked it as is and was a little reluctant to risk messing it up but I figured for $25 (plus about $9 for supplies), I'd give it a go.  Worst case scenario it is terrible and I put it on the curb.  At least a good charity profited from it.

I used primer because I found it in the basement (the "good enough" method says it is not necessary).  I also found the white and purple paint down there too.  I was going to sand it down a bit (also not in the GE method) but was so excited to get started that I forgot.  We'll see if I regret it.

What I did regret (and a Learn From My Mistakes tip) was that a single sheet as a dropcloth does not cut it.  The primer went right through that sucker and onto our beautiful hardwood floors.  I was really upset when I figured that out*.

After a Google search I tried rubbing alcohol (I also found positive feedback about Goof-Off but I figured I should start with what we already had on hand).  With a lot of patience and scrubbing the primer came off.  Whew!

I soldiered on and moved onto the white paint coat with a plastic liner AND cardboard under the table.  I was also more mindful of drips.

Of course I had my usual fan club watching everything I did:

I ended up needing to do three coats of the white paint.

Different day, same audience.

DIY Stenciled Nightstand
DIY stenciled nightstand

I used a large paint brush to stencil the left side and a small one on the right.  I liked the right better.

Ready for guests!
Good thing too, because my sister was coming a few days later.  I put some books I've read recently and some candy I know she likes on the new nightstand.

DIY Stenciled nightstand

*Kevin's reaction when I sheepishly told him what I'd done was to reassure me not to worry about it.  He said they make stuff to fix that and worst case scenario we'd refinish the floors.  He makes it really easy to live with him.

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