Thursday, April 25, 2013

Homemade Pantry: Chicken Stock

Chicken stock was the first thing I started making at home instead of buying.  It is super easy and uses what would otherwise go to waste.  It makes rice and risotto so much better.  That is a win-win-win in my book.

We keep this ziplock bag in the freezer and throw vegetable scraps and chicken bones in it as we go.  Once we need stock it just all goes into our "superpot."  The superpot is a combo slow cooker/rice cooker/pressure cooker.  It even has a brown setting so you can brown meat right in it before slow cooking.

We use it several times a week.

Anyway, I just throw the veggies and chicken bones into the pot with some salt, pepper and bay leaves.  Then I pressure cook it for 30 minutes (slow cooking would also work).

Once the time is up I strain it through a cheese cloth lined  colander into our quart sized measuring cup.

I usually get about 4 quarts out of the batch.  I stick most of it in the freezer and then use it as we need it.

See, easy.

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