Monday, April 1, 2013

Homemade Pantry: Tortillas

I saw this

on Pinterest* the other day and noticed it called for whey, which I have a lot of from this. I realized we had peppers, onion and ham in the fridge (the original plan was a southwestern omelet) but no tortillas so I decided to give it a try.

Will I lose my homemade credibility if I admit I used crisco?  The recipe calls for lard or hardened coconut oil but I didn't have either (maybe someday when we get a half pig for our yet to be bought extra freezer I'll have rendered lard on hand).  I could have used butter, but I generally fail at creating butter pastries.  We bought crisco for seasoning our cast iron pans and I (hanging my head sheepishly) sometimes use it in baked goods.  Only very rarely though, because I know it is bad for you (the term "partially hydrogenated" is in every ingredient listed).  

Anyway, the recipe is only four ingredients:  some kind of flour (I used bread b/c that is what we had), salt, some kind of solid fat, some kind of liquid (the recipe called for milk, whey or water).  I still have lots of whey from the Greek yogurt.

You mix the flour, salt, and fat together until it forms clumps and then slowly mix in the warm liquid to form a dough. Knead it a bit and let it rest 20 minutes.  Easy enough.

At some point I realized I had an audience.

The clothes in the basket were dirty so I let him stay there.  After the rest period I formed the dough into eight balls and roll them out to thin disks.

I used our new Lodge cast iron griddle (ode to Lodge cast iron will be posted in the future) and after the first couple realized:
  1. I shouldn't have oiled the cast iron (the later ones were better, less greasy)
  2. The tortillas needed to be really thin
  3. The griddle needed to be really hot 

I realized the meal didn't even need the eggs - the ham peppers onions with cheese and salsa wrapped in the tortillas were plenty.

Someone else thought it looked/smelled irresistible too:

(I didn't share).

*Yes, I'm on Pinterest (pretty late to the party but I like it for organizing house decorating ideas).  You can find me as my internet alias Rowena Coughlin (NOT my real name).

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