Monday, April 22, 2013

Cheap vs. Thrifty: Avoiding Food Waste

On any given day our fridge looks like this:

And this is the day after a (Kevin) grocery shop.

We rarely throw away food because it went bad.  I  always feel bad when I do, especially meat.*  The average family throws away 40% of their food ($2275/year).  We are way below that average -- some other family is throwing away A LOT of food!

I don't always feel like making what we have.

(pasta again?!?)

But we're thrifty, so I do.  We do one shop a week and make do (and the weeks Kevin does the shopping tend to be pretty lean).  We'll also often do "eat the cupboard" weeks, where we only pick up essentials (milk, fruit, veggies) and use up what we already have.  It has led to some creative combinations.  Baked beans, even rinsed off shouldn't be added to pasta.  On the other hand, basil pesto and coconut milk - delicious!

I noticed this vintage poster while internet cruising a bit ago.  Seems like good rules to live by.

Some of our vegetable scraps go into making chicken stock but one of my goals this summer is to figure out a composting system so we can recycle more/send less to the landfill.  Stay tuned for updates!

*As a former vegetarian, I feel very strongly that we not waste those lives.

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