Friday, April 5, 2013

First visitors!

We had our first house guests visit last weekend -- my family.  Even with three extra adults and two kids we had plenty of room in the house.  Fun was had by all.


lunched with lions

ate brownie sundaes bigger than our heads
(yes there was a brownie under there somewhere)
hunted for easter eggs

ate all the chocolate the EB left us when mom wasn't looking

And played with Pippa and Kinsey.

Pippa gave the kids a wide berth until she realized they were a constant source of food (they realized she would stay around when they fed her cheese so were happy to do so). Then she was all about them.  Her goal is to be a fat kitty.  My goal is to have my nieces associate my upstate NY city with so much fun (activities and chocolate) that they are begging to come back.  I think we both moved towards our goals this weekend.

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