Monday, April 15, 2013

Odds and Ends

Last week was a rough one for us, we were both pretty sick.  Kevin managed to work through feeling badly and took up the bathroom floor (before and after pics coming soon).  I took down the wallpaper before succumbing, but once I did I was down for the count.  You don't find me working through being sick, you find me mewing and whining on the couch with tea. 

A few things we've been up to that don't merit a post on their own:

My black thumb strikes again.  Kevin's grandma gave us this plant.  We were planning on putting it outside once the weather broke, but it didn't survive us.

You know you drink a lot of boxed wine when you know that there is still a glass in there even after it seems empty.  You have to pull the bag from the box.  (Bota Box is actually pretty good.  I call it eco-wine to avoid the boxed wine stigma).

Kevin got this rug with our credit card points and I love it! I think it is going to pull the rooms together perfectly.

Kevin's parents generously gave us their oriental rug.  I love it, it was like it was meant for our library.

Pippa and Roxy love it too.

And some new books.

We are looking forward to our Montana trip in September.  We are planning to hike and camp and catch up with friends we see far too infrequently.  I've tried one recipe so far from the Indian Slow Cooker.  I didn't read the part where the author said she likes things spicy so feel free to lighten up on the spices.  I also confused red cayenne pepper with red chile powder.  Since I'd never made Indian before I followed the recipe to the T and it was HOT.  I could barely eat it - it was almost too hot for Kevin.  It was good apart from the spiciness so I think I'll try again (with just a bit of cayenne pepper though, not a tablespoon).

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