Thursday, November 7, 2013

Recent Acquisition

Something exciting happened in our house last week!
We got a pool table! When we were house hunting last year we saw one where the owners had turned their dining room into a billiard room.  We did have an offer on that house accepted and I'm pretty sure Kevin was hoping the pool table would be part of the deal. (We didn't end up getting it which is a long story I'm still pretty bitter about).  But Kevin's dream of having a pool table in his dining room was born.  We ultimately decided to keep the dining room as a dining room - we were using it more than we expected to and we had two living rooms.  So we turned our study into our living room and our living room into our game room.

I've played more games of pool in the last week than in my entire life (I'm still terrible).  Our nightly routine has turned into: we eat dinner when Kevin gets home, play a game or two of nine ball, and then watch some tv before heading to bed.  It's a good routine.

We threw a party on Friday night (I'm really bad about taking pictures when folks are over - I get wrapped up in hosting/having fun and completely forget). Our friends seemed to like the addition. The Paws seem a bit confused as to why we are suddenly in a previously unoccupied room and Kinsey is terrified of the cue sticks/loud noise of the balls hitting the pockets (those are Kevin's shots).  But he's happy to be in the room when we are not playing a game (he sits in the foyer and stares at us pathetically when we are playing):

I promise that they do love each other.  You may also notice the road kill bunny in one of the pictures and wonder why we have a toy with its guts hanging out.
It was part of our Halloween costume.  Our $0/15 minute Halloween costume.  We originally planned to go as Jessie and Woody from Toy Story but as usual we waited until the last possible moment and couldn't find anything good.  Being both cheap* and completely un-crafty we were left with figuring out an alternative costume.

Kevin brought surgery gear home from work.  I was the surgeon and he was the patient.  The bunny was tied around his waist and its guts were protruding.  The real "hit" was when we'd drink out of the catheter bag.  It really grossed people out.  (It was cider and delicious!).

*The only thing we could find were really crappy Woody/Jessie kits that had really poorly made parts (terrible hats) and incomplete (didn't have Jessie's chaps).  They were $30 each and seemed like a waste of money.  We don't mind spending a lot of money on something that is quality/we will get a lot of use out of (see the pool table above) but I hate spending money on crap. Sometimes it feels inconsistent (I'm happy to spend $100 on a nice shower gift for someone but won't spend an extra $5 on the gift wrap since will just go into the trash) but it works for me.

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