Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ms. Cranky-Pants

I'm not sure if you've noticed the pattern but I try to post on Mondays and Thursdays.  Sometimes Saturdays too if I have a lot to say.  I didn't have a post lined up for today and was going to post about this past weekend (it involved my sister, the Dixie Chicks, and the musical Warhorse - so it was a really good one) but I've been in a pretty foul mood today.  Mostly my foul mood has to do with work but I'm not so much of an idiot as to complain about it on the internet.  So I'll tell you about the other things bugging me lately.  You're welcome.

1. "Healthy" Living Bloggers. I read a few and I get so annoyed by them.  They post pictures of all the exercise they do and everything they eat.  Exercise vastly outweighs the food.  They'll post a picture of this tiny salad and say, "I ate the whole thing, #omgsofull!"  I'm sorry but if you run 10 miles/eat 1,500 calories a day you are not healthy, you have a problem.  They post a ton of selfie's and the subtext is #soskinny, #sohealthy.  It is not healthy, it is disordered. Get off the internet and into therapy you effing menace.

[I say this as someone who overcame an eating disorder - I had one all through my teens and twenties.  I'm really glad these "healthy role models" weren't around when I was recovering, I imagine it would have been a lot harder.]

2. Neighborhood Associations.  Even though we lived in our neighborhood for three years before buying our house we didn't really join any of the neighborhood groups.  After we bought the house we decided we should try to make an effort to be a part of the community so I joined a couple of committees (Kevin has yet to - smart man).  Wow, it is a bit like middle school!  There is a lot of talking behind backs, complaining about how something is done even though they're not part of it themselves, and general drama.  I wonder if it is too late to revive the "we're not joiners" excuse.

3. Roxy.  I'm a terrible dog owner for saying this, but she is driving me crazy.  I've started to refer to our walks as "stop and sniffs" since there is not a lot of walking going on.  It takes us a full 30 minutes to go .25 miles and then as soon as we get inside she wants to be chased around the house. If I don't chase her (since I just walked her) she acts SO BORED.  [Mom/Dad, KMC2 - don't you want to come live with us when you get old?  I'm so patient and loving!]

4. Drivers not stopping for me in the crosswalk.  This is my biggest pet peeve about where we live.  No one stops for me when I'm crossing in a crosswalk.  That is the point of crosswalks! A crosswalk is only safer for me if cars actually stop, otherwise I might as well cross anywhere.  I may or may not be the crazy lady yelling "CROSSWALK! CROSSSSWAAALLLK!" as cars speed by me.  And I'm pretty sure one of the cars I (may or may not have) yelled at was a coworker.   She avoids me now.

5. Apples. I hate apples so much right now.  I want to throw all the apples in my fridge (trust me there are a lot) at all of the above.  Except for Roxy, I'm not that mean.

This has been making me laugh despite my foul mood.  I love how both of these guys refuse to answer the question. (Via)

Family feud wife question seven dwarves


  1. LOVE that gif! I'd never seen it before, and I can not stop laughing!

    1. I totally understand where you're coming from; the ilk of which you speak seem to have inundated TUMBLR, so I've pretty much skipped out on my account there. All the "fitspo" makes me uncomfortable.

    2. I think, unfortunately, this is somehow the cultural expectation when a group of women get together? I'm not too familiar with the concept of neighborhood associations, but is there a more private group you could join? Or perhaps some place you would enjoy volunteering? That way you still feel like you're giving back to your community, but you're working with your kind of people.

    3. I'm a cat person, myself...but is there a way you can condition her to understand that walks are for, you know, walking? Might take a ton of work, but may be beneficial in the long run?

    4. Drivers where I am suck, period.

    5. The Eleventh Doctor shares your sentiments ;)

    Cheer up, buttercup! This too shall pass! {**hugs**}

    1. Thanks Andi! I'm generally in a pretty good mood so Thursday was unusual. It did pass and Friday was much better. Thanks for making your way over here and commenting!

  2. Wow I totally agree with you about the disordered eating bit. It breaks my heart actually. I could go on and on about this boils my blood in so many ways. To me, it all boils down to self love and self trust- things that so many of us aren't truly endowed with as children. We are conditioned to believe that answers and validation are on the outside, not the inside - that we must extend out to fill ourselves on the inside. Where's the intrinsic worth?? I have had some food/mind issues as well, and I can say I am so happy now, with my body and with the food I eat and the scary drill sargent in my head is GONE. It's taken a lot of self work - bascially re-parenting myself. Sounds cheesy, but your body is your temple, and when we love ourselves, we love nourishes ourselves. We don't have to "work" to deserve nourishment. My eating habits and the way I relate to food have drastically changed and I am so grateful. It's been about two years since I've had a negative thought about my body. So yeah...long story short. seeing posts like the ones you were writing about really breaks my heart, it makes me wanna go find them and shake them and say "dont you know what you're doing!!" "don't you know what you are condoning?? and the message you are spreading!" Worth is on the inside- period.

    1. Yes exactly to all of this. The hardest part for me is that these people are influencing so many. They put this disordered lifestyle out there like it is normal, in some cases get paid to blog about it, and get 100s of comments which reinforce what they are doing as normal. I think it could cause a lot of damage to people recovering from eating disorders.

      I'm so glad the drill sargent in your head is gone. Life is so much better when you don't hate/punish yourself simply for existing. For me, I am "recovered" in that it doesn't affect my daily life but it is always there somewhat. I have to be very careful not to diet or get too obsessed with exercise because I fear it is a slippery slope. It is a fine line between eating healthily and taking care of myself and getting obsessed. Right now I have struck a good balance and am ever mindful of it.

    2. Ugh, I know. When I was younger, I used to loveeee fashion/beauty magazines and now I can barely look at them without feeling sick to my stomach or cringing. The message is just so.freaking.wrong. and destructive. And don't help anyone but those making money off it. I now just get the magazines to read the interview of the person on the cover if its someone I respect, but all the other garbage in the magazine I ignore. Life is too short and too precious to wittle (widdle?) it down to being about what YOU (ppl in general) look like. I mean, who cares?? It's so frustrating.