Monday, November 25, 2013

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill are our xtratuf boots. We discovered them when we moved to Alaska because everyone has them.  I mean everyone!  Entryways to parties would often look like this:

Add 10 minutes to your departure time to figure out which ones are yours

I resisted buying them at first since they are so ugly (they look like muck boots) and expensive (upwards of $100).  I thought I could get by with my waterproof hiking boots.  We tried to hike up to a sledding spot one weekend but had to turn around because our feet were soaked through and freezing.  Notice Kevin's the only one in the group not wearing them. We bought xtratuffs that night.

Having XtraTufs means you can go sledding in October.  Not having them means you go home cold and sad :(

Juneau "fashion" was to pair xtratufs to fancier outfits.  Skirts particularly.  The best one I ever saw was an Indian woman in a really intricate sari and... xtratufs.  See example of this on a fashion blog - a woman from Juneau submitted it:

Found on Chictopia:Xtra Tuffs shoes - Smart Wool socks - Anthropologie tights - Velvet skirt - Flux

I would often rock the skirt & xtratuff combination.  Sometimes I still do. Although people look at me a bit funny now I think.

As my sister pointed out, oh so nicely, I have Juneau colored legs too
Alaskan Brewery uses them in their marketing:


Once we bought them, we were all in.

Roxy misses the off leash days of AK

I was totally ahead of the jeans tucked into the boots trend

I am sure that Kevin was wearing xtratuffs here even though you can't see them
We've even brought them on international trips!

Jack and Jill in Ireland
 Sometimes we have regretted not bringing them.

This trip to the Adirondacks would have been much more pleasant with xtratuffs
Roxy was totally fine with being carried for part of the hike

They come in handy when we are hiking the slippery gorges around here:

I felt like a bad ass going straight through puddles on this hike. 

And they made an appearance at our wedding:

xtratufs + wedding dress = good photo opp

We plan to have many more adventures in them.


  1. Aw what a beautiful wedding picture!! (sorry to be bombarding your blog) I love that you guys have your dogs with you everywhere. I wish our dog was more portable.

    1. Bombard away, I love the comments! Yes, our dogs come with us as often as possible. It helps that we live(d) in a dog friendly area (Alaska was much more so but even here we can bring them on most trails and campgrounds). We do often seek out places we can go specifically to bring the dogs but we leave them at home a lot too. Is your dog not portable due to her (?) personality or due to where you live?

  2. I'm playing a bit of catch up if you couldn't tell...but all I really have to say here is ALASKA YAY! I WANT TO GO.