Friday, November 29, 2013


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  We had 10 1/2 people over here (the 1/2 was a 3 year old).  No melt downs this time, maybe because my mom was here as the expert and I was operating as a sous-chef. 

I didn't take too many pictures.  Only a few:

The table set - fiesta is much better than china

Turkey only took 2.5 hours!

I'm sure you are shocked (shocked!) I made an apple pie!
Pippa loved the 1/2.  I spotted her seeking him out a couple of times for attention.

Our last minute Thanksgiving decorations
Mom and I did most of the side dishes on Wednesday so on Thursday all we had to do was the turkey, the gravy and the Brussels sprouts.  It was actually a pretty relaxing day.  There was a lot of this:

And of course this:

As fun as it was, I think it will be a few years before we host again.  I say next year is Thanksgiving in Florida.  I'm betting we can talk my in-laws into that.


  1. Aww your Thanksgiving looks so cozy!! {And delicious!} We - er - don't even really technically have a dining table, so hosting isn't an option for us in our small apartment. At least not a traditional meal. But it does make me pine for hosting some sort of event...I was cooking my husband and myself dinner the other night as friends were arriving for our weekly game night, and it was just so nice being in the kitchen with everyone congregating just outside {because OMG we can barely fit two people in our kitchen} was all warm and cozy and I thought...this would be fun to do on a little bit of a larger scale :)

    1. We had a tiny apartment before buying our house so I know exactly what you mean. I remember throwing a party and was like, it is a good thing we only have 6 friends because that is all we can fit in here! Having space is nice for sure, but having the tiny apartment just you two is nice for a bit as well. I sort of feel like it was similar to the time before we moved in together/got married - fleeting and once it is gone it's gone. So I enjoyed it.