Monday, January 27, 2014

A Year of Blogging

Saturday was the one year mark for this little blog (well, the revival of it anyway).  I took a look back through and here are some of my favorite posts.

The Paws:
Best Buds - Kinsey and Pippa <3 each other!
The Senior Among Us - My ode to Roxy
So This Happened - Kevin walking Pippa on a leash.

My attempts to be funny:
How to Make Tofu Your Husband Will Eat - I make it this way for him all. the. time.
The Secret Behind Closed Doors - God I hope PETA doesn't find this post.
Paws vs. Little Feet - Our answer to the "when are you having kids" question.

Recipes I'm proud of:
Park Cafe Gypsy Burrito
Tomato Cobbler
'Bella Sweets & Beets

Life, generally:
Five Years, A Look Back - The story of how Kevin and I met
Finding Joy in What You Have - Choices always have pluses and minuses
Feminism and Housechores - How we share our domestic workload

And, just for fun, searches that have lead people to my blog:
  1. cutting multivitamin in half (maybe because of this post?)
  2. diy stencil night stand (my one DIY project!)
  3. eight pawws (self explanatory, I dig the spelling of pawws)
  4. thrifty hulu (this post was more of an ode to Netflix than Hulu but okay)
  5. we would rather wait in our car than walk the eight feet (not sure why my blog came up for this search but it made me laugh!)

I'm hoping to keep the momentum going on this blog even though this year promises to be very busy.  Exciting news coming soon (mom, before you get your hopes up, it is not a pregnancy announcement - thank goodness considering all the alcohol I drank over xmas!).  I may need to drop down to fewer posts but am hoping to stay consistent.  Thanks for reading along.


  1. Oh my gosh, just read the blog about how you and Kevin met. That is so cute, it made me smile :) I love hearing peoples' stories!