Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Random Post

I didn't have a post lined up for today and didn't have a good idea for one so I thought I'd cobble together some random updates that don't merit a post on their own.

Fitness:  I signed up for an 8 week fitness challenge at my usual gym.  The challenge is to lose the most weight/body fat but I'm really in it for the three times a week group strength training classes.  Strength training is my weakest point (pun intended) and I need the classes to actually lift weights.  The first day was Monday and I was still so sore that I skipped Wednesday's class (not off to a good start I guess).  I'm also thinking about signing up for a local half marathon.   The race is the last weekend in April so I would have plenty of time to train.  The problem is that the schedule I pulled has long runs (defined as longer than 5 miles, the absolute most I can stand on a treadmill) starting in March and the weather can still be really nasty/streets really icy then.  I am worried that I won't properly train.  I think my plan will be to start the training program and see how I do.  The difference between signing up now versus late March (when I should know if I've trained properly) is only $5.  This will be my first half marathon since 2006.  The regular half marathons and two marathons I did back then feel like a lifetime ago.

D.C. Bound: Next weekend I'm going to D.C. for the long weekend.  One of my best friends just moved there from Seattle and I'm heading down to help her settle in.  I haven't seen her in four years (!!) so I am super excited.  Excited to be back in D.C. too - I lived there for a few years after law school and have fond memories.  I have no desire to move back, but it was fun for that period of my life.  Kevin will be staying home and taking care of the paws/shoveling out our tenants.  He is so good to me.  (He does have plans to go to Michigan soon to visit his friends, so I'll pick up the work on the homefront then.)

Shows we are watching: We just have Netflix so we don't watch any shows in real time.  Currently we are watching The Big Bang Theory (so funny!), Lost Girl (Netflix recommended this based on what else we have watched and we like it so far), The Mentalist, and Chuck.  I also recently watched the last season of Dexter - which just came out on Netflix.  I was surprised I made it until it was out on DVD without hearing how it ended - I may or may not have put my hands over my ears and sang "nah nah nah" a couple of times when someone started to talk about it.  No spoilers, but I was both happy and conflicted on how it ended.  We are always looking for new shows on Netflix, so please recommend any you love!

What I'm reading: The John Rain series by Barry Eisler.  Kevin introduced these to me and I just finished the fifth one.  Nothing else really, I haven't been reading much lately.  Anyone have any recommendations?

Pippa: no real change since the last update.  She sleeps a lot but is still cuddly and playful at times.  Some days her ears/nails/gums are stark white (bad) and some days they are pretty pink (good).  We are taking it day by day and excusing her from her mouse patrol duties.  We found some droppings recently and had to resort to traps, since she spends all night sleeping with us and is clearly not on mouse patrol.  If she were not terminally ill, this would be unacceptable (rodent control was the reason we got her) and she'd be having a performance review right now.

A whole post with no pictures? Here are some off my phone:


  1. Wow is that snow where you are now? Or from your trip?? I'm jealous. I would do anything for winter right now. It feels like summer in LA right now. :(

    Are you a lawyer?? Law school in DC? That sounds so awesome! My dad is a criminal defense lawyer so I grew up around it and have always had a secret love for it- I think it would be an awesome exciting job, I just don't have it in me to go to law school - but I'd like to play one on tv :) I haven't been to DC in years. I'd love to go back soon, especially knowing our current president is there.

    1. It is snow - we got two feet overnight last week! It is pretty much gone since it was 50 degrees and raining today - I'm glad we got the snowshoeing in. The only way to survive winters here (which are long) is to embrace them.

      I am a lawyer. It wasn't the best fit for me - but I like my job now (which requires a law degree - so I guess it worked out). I lived in D.C. during the Bush administration, I wonder if there is a different feel now. I'm betting there is. Are you an actor? Is that what you are in L.A. for?

  2. Pippa is SO adorable. I really hope she gets better soon!

    Have you tried Once Upon a Time? My husband and I are marathoning through it at blinding speeds. Emma sort of gets on my nerves (did the actress get Botox? I swear to god she wears the same expression in every scene!) and you kind of just want to smack Henry and tell him to sit in a corner, the adults are talking, but if you can get past both of them (and these are very minor and snarky critiques!) it is AMAZING. We love fractured fairy tales, and OUAT is doing a really good job of putting their own spin on the classics.

    1. Thanks for the OUAT tip, I'll check it out!