Thursday, October 3, 2013

Row Eats Fake Food*

*(The title is a spoof on the blog Kath Eats Real Food - a healthy living blog which I don't follow regularly but have read bits and pieces of.  It was actually this blog that I was referring to in this post.)

Road trips equal junk food for me.  As soon as we stop for our first gas fill up I'm in there, buying Swedish Fish and Coke. I have always loved that kind of candy (As a kid I used to buy swedish fish and other penny candy with the money my dad gave me for picking potato bugs off his potato plants). I rarely eat it, so it makes me look forward to road trips.

Especially when the road trips end with views like this:

And some more Montana pictures:

 We did a 10 mile hike up through Siyeh pass.  It was hot but beautiful!

 It would probably be in this deer's best interest to be a bit more afraid of humans...

 Getting to the pass:

 A bighorn sheep:
 The tail end of the hike: this was my "I'm ready to be done" face.

 We saw these two get married a couple of days later.  I am really bummed we had the auto-focus off for this picture :(
 Kevin went for a swim in hidden lake

 Judging from the size of his belly, this marmot has got it figured out - pose for humans = get food.

We didn't take any pictures of the wedding (didn't want to interfere with the professional), but the above photo was the backdrop.  Absolutely gorgeous!

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  1. What a beautiful spot for a wedding! I buy Diet Dr Pepper and Sour Patch Kids on road trips. I was about to write "when I'm in the US" but I'm not sure anything in Okinawa qualifies as a road trip considering the whole island is only about 60 miles long.