Thursday, July 25, 2013

CSA Weeks 2-5 and a Formula for Salad

Remember how I said I was going to use the blog to document what we got from our CSA and determine whether it was a good value?  Yeah, we're now heading into our sixth week and it isn't going to happen.  I think blogs that post everything the person eats with pictures are boring and it is not what I am striving for.*

BUT an update: we have been enjoying it and both feel like the quality and quantity we get is worth the price.  The amount of food has been perfect - it forces us to eat a bit more vegetables that we usually do but we are not drowning in produce.  The quality has also been really good.  I've even overheard Kevin telling people about it.  Phew, because if this had been a disaster we would have been done with CSAs for good.

If something changes I'll update you, but for now we like it and I'm planning on signing up for the fall share - another 10 weeks at the same price/week.

And a side note: we've gotten lots of lettuce, which has led to some pretty great salads. Week 3 we got four different heads - which we demolished in four days.  We had big salads at every dinner.  I determined that the best formula for an outstanding salad is:

 a leaf + a fruit + a nut + a cheese = deliciousness

Evidence for this theory: lettuce, strawberry, pecan, feta salads; an asian greens, dried cranberry, walnut and cheddar salad; a lettuce, beet and feta salad (beets aren't a fruit but still add the sweetness).  The options are endless.  And yummy.

*I was going to link to an example but then I thought it would be mean since I just called it boring.

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