Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekend in Review

My mom came up for an impromptu visit.  I was really happy to have her here.  We:

  • Went to an art class:

  • Discovered a new fruit to urban forage, Juneberries!

We found four trees along where we regularly walk the dogs.  The birds were really into them and when we went back the next day almost all of the fruit was gone.  Next year we'll have to be faster if we want more than a handful to eat as we are walking (which we all did and none of us died so were in fact correct that they were edible).** 

  • Picked strawberries and fava beans from a u-pick farm.  None of us had had fava beans, so we are excited to try them. 

  • Tried ethiopian, mom gave it a thumbs down (she liked the burger place much better):

  • Went to see Trombone Shorty play at our city's Jazz fest. 

It was crowded and loud, but fun.

  • Went to see the Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy (really funny); and
  • Spent lots of time relaxing on the porch reading and chatting.  It was a really fun weekend
**Just in case you are freaking out that we were eating unknown berries, we did run into a couple who were eating handfuls of them and they confirmed they were juneberries. 

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