Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was our neighborhood's art fest so the front of our house looked like this:

And down our street looked like this:

It went for blocks:

When we rented we hated this festival and made a point to be out of town.  Our apartment was in the center of the festival, meaning we had to go blocks before getting to a clear street.  We didn't have a yard so it was difficult with the dogs.  We are now at the edge of the festival, so we just have to go half a block before getting out.  We fell into a good routine of walking the dogs early in the morning before it got started and then later in the evening after it ended and just letting them out to pee in the back in between.  We also had a party Saturday which was fun.  I forgot to take pictures but we had a good time.  We were expecting more people than showed though so we ended up with a fridge that looks like this:

You all know how unusual this is and it makes me really uncomfortable.  I keep going in and triaging, moving things that look like they will go bad up to the top or front.  So far we haven't had to throw anything away but we'll see if we can make it through.  I used the pineapple in baked oatmeal (recipe to follow):

Oh and for those of you who are worried that I'm going full hog on the vegetarian bandwagon (pun intended), let my latest cookbook put your mind at ease:

We are splitting a pig from a local farmer this fall with our friends Michelle and Dave.  Michelle gave me this cookbook and I burst out laughing!  The pig that will be in our freezer this fall is currently hanging out on a small farm: eating whey, rooting, and playing with goats.  He'll have a bad day and we'll pick him up in pieces from the butcher.

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