Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Montana Vacation

I'm back from my hiatus.  September is my favorite month of the year.  I love the weather, the food, the milestones, the leaves, and even the shortening of days (it makes everything cozy).  The month passed very quickly and we got up to a lot, including a trip to Montana.

We had a great vacation.  One of the best ones, in fact.  I'm trying to distinguish between our past vacations (which have all been lovely in their own way) and what I've come up with is that this one was very specifically active.  Most of our vacations are active, we run from place to place trying to pack everything in (we're not really all inclusive resort/sit by the pool with a drink kind of people).  This time we had a specific purpose: hike as much as possible.  We hiked basically every day.   Having that one goal (rather than seeing/doing everything Montana had to offer) made it feel really relaxed.  We hiked and then we ate good food and drank good beer.  Those were our days.

The other difference was that this vacation was filled with friends.  We stayed with friends in Bozeman and then met up with different friends in Glacier National Park.  Most of our vacations are the two of us, which are really nice, but seeing good friends we hadn't seen in years added in something special.  We may plan more vacations around visiting friends or we may try to convince you to come with us/meet us somewhere!

Here is a photo dump from the Bozeman portion of our trip.  I'll post the Glacier National Park photos separately.  I'm feeling brave so there are even a few faces!

As we were hiking we came up on a tour group taking pictures of this little bear.  Once I realized what it was I freaked out, loudly whispering, "oh my god, oh my god, get the bear spray, get it out now! Now!" Kevin thought I overreacted, but I really did not want to meet this little guy/girl's mama.  I thought I reacted appropriately.  Kevin took pictures while I stood ready with the bear spray.  Kevin also noted that we would just have to outrun the tour group (who were all older folks).  That made me feel a bit better :)

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