Friday, August 2, 2013

Pippa Update

Pippa is doing pretty well since being diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus.  We weren't able to get her into a clinical study so we are just taking it day by day.  Kevin has her on steroids, which suppresses her immune system so it stops attacking her red blood cells.  It seems to be working well, she does not appear to be uncomfortable.

She's not as playful or as cuddly as she used to be but she still seeks us out for company.  We will take our cues from her, as long as she doesn't seem to be suffering, we are happy.  Once she gets to the point where she is not enjoying life anymore, we will euthanize her.  We got her September 27, 2012, my goal is to have her a year.

She has always been very food motivated but the steroids make her extra hungry.  Remember when I said her goal in life is to be a fat kitty? Well she has officially achieved that goal:

(We are letting her eat as much as she wants, figuring she'll need the stores later.)

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