Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sick Paws

It has been a rough couple of weeks over at Chez 4Feet8Paws.  All of our paws have had various degrees of illness or injury.

The day after we took Roxy swimming (so 6/10) she woke up very very sick.  We know Roxy is not feeling well when she refuses food (normally she cannot get enough and hoovers down anything you give her).  She stayed sick and miserable over the next week - not eating, not wanting to walk or play, being very lethargic.  We were very very worried.  Kevin brought her in to the clinic and put her on antibiotics, ran blood work, put her on IV fluids for three days, and did an ultra sound on her liver.  We were worried about cancer but the ultra sound didn't show anything (good news!) and her blood work progressively got better each time he ran it.  So it was either an infection or a toxin that she got over herself (we'll never know).  She is finally back to normal.  On Tuesday we were both so happy when she asked for food! On any normal night she asks for food and we ignore her (she would eat all the time if she could).  I imagine she was surprised when we both started cheering when we realized she was asking for food and then gave her a generous scoop.

She has some hair that needs to grow back in:

Kinsey also had a minor injury.  The weekend we were so active (two runs, a hike, and a beach walk) were too much for him and he tore his paw pad.  Kevin said it was kind of like a skinned knee - but on the bottom of your foot, so ouch!  We took it easy for a week -- he was a little surprised and annoyed at the short walks.  By the end of the week he was a bit pent up but he healed up just fine.  We went for a short run today, he was excited.

The not happy ending story is Pippa. On Tuesday Kevin noticed that Pippa was very pale.  Her gums, her ears, and her nails were all much whiter than pink (they should be pink). At first we thought that maybe Pippa and Roxy both got into something that made them sick but it turns out that Pippa has Feline Leukemia Virus. Her prognosis is not good.  Her immune system is attacking her red blood cells and she is very anemic and will likely only be with us a short time.  She has probably had this the whole time, although it didn't show up on the first test at the shelter. Kevin's been calling experts all over the country, trying to get her into a clinical study.

We are both pretty devastated.  While we've only had her a short time, we've both become very attached.  She is a really great cat and we were hoping to have her for 20 years, but at this point it looks like we'll be lucky if we have her for a year.  She just got a promotion from third class citizen to first. 

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