Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

The last few weekends in May were filled with working on the house, which was productive but not so much fun.  This past weekend we decided to make a concerted effort to have some adventures and not work on the house (much).

We did do a few things around the house, including Kevin patching a hole in our bedroom ceiling.  I don't think I mentioned it here but we woke up to water dripping through the ceiling several weeks back.  The third floor shower had a leak and we had to call a plumber out to fix it.  There was a pretty big hole that led to some serious sound issues -- the third floor is occupied by our tenant.  We both were pretty sick of waking up to him singing the "red balloon" song in the shower (sounding like he was right next to us) so Kevin worked a bit on fixing it.  It got a bit better.

We also finished up painting the dining room.  A preview:

More pictures to follow once we get it all back together.

Once those two chores were out of the way we decided to go for a hike.  We headed about an hour south to the High Tor Wildlife Management Area.  As I've mentioned before hiking is a relative term and what some people call hiking here I call "walking in a park."  Not true for High Tor - it had some pretty big inclines and some pretty good views along the way.

Not unlike us, we lost the trail we were supposed to be following almost immediately.  It took us awhile to figure out that we were no longer on it and decide to backtrack.  A photo from our detour:
Interestingly, we were standing on that cliff when we took the middle picture above.  We were initially on the wrong side of the gorge (we went off course when we missed the sign to cross the stream).  It was kind of cool to know what we were climbing/standing on and to get both perspectives.

Roxy couldn't come hiking with us so we took her swimming on Sunday.  She had fun.

I did two good runs.  One a sub-9 minute miler.  I was pretty happy with that time.

The second run we did was a bit longer (6 miles) and a bit slower (10 minute miles).  It was hotter and I was a bit hung over from a BYO Ethiopian meal Saturday night (I <3 BYO restaurants).  I don't regret any of it -- the wine, the Ethiopian, or the running.

We rounded out the weekend with a dinner with Kevin's parents and going to bed early in preparation for the week.  All in all it was a great weekend and I hope we can incorporate more of them into our summer.

(Sorry about the poor quality photos - I used my cell phone camera rather than dragging our big camera along with us.  I am happy with my non iPhone smart phone except for the camera.  Samsung has a long way to go to catch up to the quality of the iPhone cameras).

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