Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recent Acquisition

Happy Valentines Day friends! Kevin and I plan to celebrate the great saint and holiday of love by drinking wine in our pajamas.  True love I tell you.

I am really excited about my recent love themed acquisition though.  I was browsing Etsy and this shop was featured (probably because of Valentines Day).  I thought that this would make a good addition to what I was going to call "The Dog Staircase" and then noticed she also lives in upstate New York so I immediately bought it.

Here is the Dog Staircase in question:

(Kind of dark.  Somewhere down on the priority list is to paint so it is a bit brighter and a bit warmer.  Not sure when it will get bumped up)

And here are the other things I have planned for it (love themed to boot):

I have another framed Stephen Huneck print as well as pictures of us and our dogs our friend Lori  took a few years ago (might be time for another shoot).  I particularly love this one:

I was describing my vision to Kevin and he said it sounded great but what about Pippa?  Oops.  She is constantly reminded that she is a third class citizen in our house.

I quickly found this:

We saw this artist while browsing in Savannah last fall and this looks like her.  We'll also need to take some frame worthy pictures of her (definitely time for another shoot).  I'll even call it "The Paws Staircase."  Vision amended.

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