Thursday, December 5, 2013

House Tour Part 4: 3rd Floor Apartment

I've mentioned repeatedly that our house is a multi-family with two apartments in addition to our living space.  One of the upsides of having apartments is the off-set in our mortgage payments due to the rents we collect.  The downsides are the amount of work involved and the turnover (we view it as a part time job).  Last month we had a tenant unexpectedly move out (bummer but to be expected sometimes).  We are working on lining up someone new but in the mean time I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you the apartment.

It is the entire third floor of the house, so about 1500 square feet. 



Dining area

Living room

Living room

A small nook



A look back into the entryway and kitchen
What I didn't get a shot of is the vaulted ceilings.  The ceilings are very high, creating a open-loft feeling to the space. One of our retirement plans is to turn our house into a formal bed and breakfast (rather than just playing at it).  I can imagine getting to the point were we use all three bedrooms in the main house as guestrooms and live up here ourselves.  I wouldn't mind that at all.


  1. It's adorable!!!! What's the I-want-a-house equivalent to "baby-crazy" {which...I suppose...technically speaking I should start phasing out, much like "bridezilla"...-_-}? Whatever it is, I've been it for like, the past two years. At least. I also really love this idea, this multi-family rent-a-floor, but I don't think it's something I could ever do. At least not to this extent. We've already not-entirely-jokingly told a dear friend of ours that when we get a house {if...if} she's welcome to one of the bedrooms for as long as she needs, so long as she contributes rent and cooks for us {she's a wizard with food. I'll eat anything she makes, any day of the week!}. I think I could do an arrangement like that, though I suppose that's more..."multi-generational" or whatever it's called when you live with family members beyond the nuclear level {my dear friends ARE my chosen family}.

    Uhhhh TL;DR - CUTE apartment!!

  2. Ha, I read it all. House lust (how is that?) is definitely real. We've had great luck with the multi-family so far. It is a lot of work for sure but it pays for the mortgage and a good chunk of the taxes so totally worth it when it becomes a hassle.

    I have friends I would live with too! Some I definitely would not though, since I'm not sure we'd be friends after a few months :)