Thursday, January 31, 2013


After two years of trying to take the next step (buying a vet clinic or a house) we've done it.  We closed on a multi-family house.  It is nice, really nice.  A bit fancy for us but the two apartments off-set the taxes and mortgage so much that it makes it a steal.

I'm just stating now for the record: if the unforeseen happens and the bank comes a-knocking, the 20% we own is the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom.

The bank can have the rest of the house, but we're keeping those rooms.

Eight of the paws exploring; they were a bit freaked out:

We had planned our first act as homeowners to be bringing over all our laundry and do quarter-free laundry (moving up in the world!) but found out that the dryer is on the fritz.  So our first act as a homeowner will be to deal with an unexpected expense.  Welcome us to reality.

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